The lesson plans below are modeled after other lesson plans found on the internet and adapted to the subject materials found on the website of the Irish Canadian Cultural Association of New Brunswick (ICCANB).

Standards and benchmarks referred to within these lesson plans have been developed by the Mid-Continent Research for Education and Learning and are found within the Content Knowledge Standards and Benchmark Database of that organization.

The lesson plans contain herein complete instructions for classroom implementation and suggestions for cross-curricular extensions. They may be completed in conjunction with generalized units on Canadian history, New Brunswick history, Social Studies, or Language Arts. While you are building your students’ knowledge in these subject areas, you will also be building their technology skills, as each lesson contains structured and integrated use of the Internet. Feel free to adapt the lesson plans to meet your students’ needs and your curricular goals.

Two lesson plans are presented here: one for High School students, the other for Middle School students. The “Background Activities” are the same for the two groups, however with a different level of detail expected based on the age group. The activities that follow the Background Activities are geared to the specific grade levels.

Lesson Plan One: Grade level – High School
New Perspectives on Canadian History and the role played by our Early Immigrants.

Lesson Plan Two: Grade Level – Middle School
Irish Cultural Explorations in New Brunswick