There can be no doubt about the significant impact thousands of Irish immigrants had on the early development of Canada, and New Brunswick in particular. In this section we hope to tell some small part of their story, and of their subsequent descendants, who made a mark on our province whether through their rise to positions of influence or just through the hard work and diligence that made our province what it is today.

We hope you find the information presented here to be both enlightening and entertaining and that you return often to see what’s new or reacquaint yourself with material already reviewed. If you have any materials that you think would add value to this site, we welcome the contribution. Email us your submission including your contact information in case someone researching the same family line wishes to make collaborate with you.

PLEASE NOTE: While we strive to provide as much information of historical and genealogical interest as possible, our volunteer base is not large enough to perform searches or otherwise provide information specific to a single person’s family line. We ask that you send these types of inquiries to a chapter of the New Brunswick Genealogical Society(NBGS), or address your questions directly to the Provincial Archives of New Brunswick(PANB). Although NBGS and PANB are also not in a position to conduct such searches, they are able to offer suggestions on how people can pursue research using New Brunswick sources.

In the case of materials contributed by volunteers, contact them directly with any questions you may have.

Below are the current categories of material for this section along with a brief description of what you will find when you click on the title of the subsection.

Irish New Brunswick Genealogies

This section provides a collection of Irish/NB-related family histories and also offers a gathering place for more detailed family lines or genealogies.

New Brunswick Political Biographies

The body of work entitled “New Brunswick Political Biographies” a.k.a. The Graves Papers consist of twelve volumes of biographical research on people who held political office or judicial positions in New Brunswick, or acted as representative of New Brunswick in the federal political or judicial areas, 1784-1969. Here we present excerpts from this work which pertain more specifically to the interests of Irish historians and researchers.

Other Biographical Profiles

This section contains portraits of individual Irish in New Brunswick, and of eminent persons connected with Ireland, who have distinguished themselves through the office they held, or by their artistic expression, business and leadership acumen, or general contributions to the mosaic of New Brunswick’s history.


Seán Mac Risteaird– 2012/13 St. Thomas University Irish Language Instructor

Críostóir Ó hUigín – 2011/12 St. Thomas University Irish Language Instructor