We are here to raise awareness of the traditions, history and artistic expression of the Irish people.


Since our formation in 1983, our committed volunteers have been increasing understanding and acknowledgement of our Irish forefathers.

It's Who We Are

Founded in 1983, the association exists to foster an awareness of the traditions, history and artistic expression of the Irish people.

Perhaps a more complete answer to the question of who we are and why we exist can be found in the words of Dr. Peter Toner in his introduction to the volume of essays entitled New Ireland Remembered – Historical Essays on the Irish in New Brunswick:

If one were inclined towards pessimism, it would be almost fitting to venture that perhaps this collection is too little too late. … Reason alone would support this view. But if reason had prevailed, there would be no Irish ethnic identity in New Brunswick today. Reason had little to do with the persistence of the Irish Ethnic identity, contrived or authentic, through most of this century. Hopefully, the homogenised, plastic coated, “just add water and stir” culture of the modern era cannot satisfy the irrational internal ache which has survived the uprooting from Ireland, weeks in the holds of timber ships, discrimination, poverty, affluence, frustration, rewards, wars, the internal combustion engine, television, education, and living amongst those who lack the burden and pride of an Irish Heritage. Perhaps that ache can be eradicated only when the ethnic Irish understand their collective contribution to this Nation, and when the rest of the nation responds with acceptance and gratitude.